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tv   CCTV News  PBS  April 15, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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program is brought you by her group. from norway's main street crews were just lies. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include characters and access to wilkinson
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the sea. part of the motel the female vote and to defuse the tension in ukraine russia says the crisis has been engineered by the way griffin twenty one submersible offshore to the underwater search for the distinct white knight three seventeen. the dropping of the maximum four thousand five hundred meters. the us prepares to mark the festival israel off the balding and president obama held a private from the top step one as seen with the people of north and south americas by a very tight for a prime view of the lot. a forklift spectacular with you within the hour the north telescope here at cc tv on standby to show you that if we can see a
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doctor of top story this hour and us president barack obama has as his russian come to papa gave me a person to convince the russian armed groups to leave the building site sees in you crying. he also called on russia to withdraw its troops from ukraine's border to defuse tensions in a phone call with carson of moscow's request obama said russia's actions in you cry even when not conducive to a diplomatic solution of the crisis there and the white house warned that moscow would suffer for the costs for its behavior however russia has them on to their alleged involvement in ukraine's domestic affairs saying it contradicts russia's interests. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said those two and current ukrainian all parties to use force to suppress protests in the country's eastern regions should be held accountable. well the deadly yet the deadline robert i even went for prior
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russian activists to leave the government and police buildings. off to hide in the east of the country. and so far there's been no sign of the promised crackdown by kiev. that was meant to stop all monday morning. instead activists have occupied the more buildings continue to fall from grace will totally unpleasant ties with russia. the country in control of official buildings in around ten towns and cities. russia protest is false police offices out of their headquarters in for the town hall monday and activists are still hope to find buildings. it is the gaps. many protests to say they don't believe the key of all parties to act violently towards them. in central high school barricades and tents have been set up by people calling for a referendum on the region's future the current crisis comes up to the annexation of crimea following a referendum to
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the ukrainian role. ukraine's acting prime minister on sydney at samuel constructed find time in calling the prior rush and demonstrate his terrorists some says it's silly the show. the government has a family stays jesus that we will continue to protect the vines from national minorities. there was a russian speaking citizens combines every region and every citizen. unfortunately its bills are based upon taking action and east of the country. i'm not defending devine said. since the dawn that has cut taxes for any other regions. their aim is to freeze how to create and sell currency. a possible attempt to appease the protest protest is continual and acting president ought to have that option off the drop to the number of constitutional changes that would give more power to ukraine's different regions kids in from all parties have accused russia of engineering the armrest
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seeking assistance from the un to quell the tension and tensions between the white house of the kremlin have been mounting over the crisis in ukraine and the us threatens to impose more sanctions against russia as a gemstone one explains. according to the pentagon the u s destroyer donald cook was on patrol in the western black sea in international waters saturday when a russian su twenty four fighter jets flew within about a thousand meters of the ship the putter was not harmed in u s officials say the ship was never in danger the russian claim a twelve passes in about an hour a half. pentagon officials called the maneuvers provocative and unprofessional. also over the weekend us central intelligence agency director john brennan visited ukrainian capital kiev as tensions flared in the eastern part of the country. us officials were clear about exactly what brennan was doing it yet but the white house did confirm
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he was there. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov wants to know why we don't normally comment on the c i a director of travel. but given the extreme circumstances in this case and false claims being leveled by the russians at the c i a we can confirm that the director was in kyiv this weekend as part of the trip to europe. two shows this to punish those merchants she knew we would like to understand the meaning of the reports about an urgent visit to the caa director mr brennan to kiev. so far we have not been given any explanations that would be reasonable. us and ukrainian officials have accused russia of meddling in ukraine's affairs. the lever up denies this saying it's not in russia's best interest to do so. meanwhile the us state department has heard more sanctions against russia and the eu says it has expanded the list of russian individuals facing sanctions on friday the us state department sanctioned seven individuals with ties to crimea and the currency and gas company that is now under russian control. tombstone
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and cctv washington. in response to the deepening crisis in eastern ukraine the european union has called on russia to pull its troops back from the border the eu adopted new limited sanctions as an emergency meeting on monday. cctv is jackpot on reports from brussels the european union foreign affairs meeting in luxembourg there was plenty of tough call on russia as the crisis in eastern ukraine continues to intensify. but not really been a real bad. but this is something that is being planned them brought about by russia. the emergency meeting comes as major and some eu member states warmed over continued russian elite rebuild a preference as there are now up to forty thousand russian troops in the vicinity of the ukrainian border. supported the light combat aircraft tanks and artillery. despite the tough
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tool for sanctions targeted only a non specified number of individuals and all its key sectors such as an ag in line to make the pants we decided to expand the list of those subject asset freeze on pizza. policy analysts say the economies of russia and western europe and deeply intertwined making some in the state reluctant to back tough sanctions and evidences the second is a part of russia. the thing i find into the ice to go into the retail price along with the one you have to function on my back to the uk a cold front is to be that many companies out there publicly could mean for their economies. what the ministers did agree on was one billion euros of fresh emergency funding to help ukraine balance its budget. they also agreed to temporarily suspend customs duties on most imports from ukraine which eu officials say could save ukrainian
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export is an additional cost of billion euros the jackpot and cctv brussels. now get ready if you or the north pole south america or eastern parts of the pacific ocean without looking up words to describe because there is a special lunar eclipse happening at this very moment with them and turning with the phenomenon that's known as the blood moon. was a great natural that they are coming from mass of the moon is kept me of what was there was a big gulp from the somebody with lots of tiny amounts of life cost you were able to get through. and in scientific speak bd fraction of the light traveling through the earth's atmosphere at sunrise and sunset that is to get mike's them into a deep cough or raid. so there was this is the animation of course but i will try get to the live picture if we can. about two of the view is that we get to
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be quite spectacular. awful people the eclipse actually began at around seven or call e we started this update roundabout to fifteen minutes ago. now it should last a full symbiotic minutes if you are another theory is this plenty of time left to go and see the amazing street outside. and so i decided this is the first of four consecutive total lunar eclipses that will be billboard north america in the coming eighteen months so when we did get some more live pictures of that we will certainly bring them to your pr on cctv news outlets every of the latest on the search for the missing malaysia airlines flight ninety three seventeen. and i'm buying the u s official says the fun in all the co pilot for weak outdoor hominid was switched home at around the time the plane disappeared from radar of you. the cell phone
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towers in penang malaysia detected the fire and searching for a signal about thirty minutes after authorities believe the plane veered off course and maybe shops in wales. penang is around four hundred kilometers from where the flights transponder said its law signal. the official says there's no evidence that the cut part of actually tried to make the call. well the surge of course is continuing and the focus is now on an underwater vehicles were deployed to do for the a line up above its first mission has been cut short on unfortunately. the belief in twenty one had scanned thirty percent all the plants that area are in the southern indian ocean but nothing significant was found the study as to what the agency coordination center says the autonomous underwater vehicle was deployed on mumbai in the light from the naval ship the ocean shield up to complete at around six hours
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of its mission. ruth and twenty one exceeded the operating debt limit all for the hop thousand meters and its built in safety feature returned to the superintendent to the surface the day together this country being extracted and analyze the center has confirmed that it's planning to redeploy the submissive will later today when weather conditions permit. it's now thirty nine days since the making god a line of vanished after taking off from kuala lumpur with two hundred and thirty nine people aboard. up to eleven aircraft in the same number of ships are helping in today's search. chinese plate is suspending this is just one baggie and the israeli american lives a few proteins and the visual search area totalling about sixty two thousand square kilometers to date with the center of the search area one more than twenty one hundred kilometers to the pool with all. the so
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this old thomas of the war to be a pool of grief and twenty one now spearheading the search for flight in a tree seventy. just to explain to you the belief and twenty one has a number of separate senses and scanning devices and can be adapted for various conditions. it has a high energy capacity and can run the full comparatively long periods of very great depths. it's only a few sneezes long and can be easily gorge from the deck of a ship. once back on deck you can download its collection of high quality studies. but in order to accurately scan the seabed. it has to move slightly about the same speed as a bicycle. and that means that the search over the coming weeks will be long and painstaking with a number of challenges. probably the senate and the thickness of the cinnamon. that could prove very very challenging for three thick sediment. but we're hopeful that the continuity she has to do and try to cement will be
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announced as celtic mentioned earlier on we really don't have a lot of detailed knowledge of the ocean did that take you to find objects of interest. i think will cost them and mind. i commend the camera and a white package on the phone the sign people. and it will deploy them and actually feel that guy back to the science art and film some of the visual impression. us president barack obama or is observing the anniversary of the boston from bowling with us to a private moment of silence at the white house. and he plans to hold the remembrance with ideas in the oval office some of the silences of all the tribute to the three people killed and more than two hundred and sixty injured exactly a year ago are usually held at two fourteen the line of the opposite in the same time two bombs exploded near the finishing line of the marathon. vice president joe biden is expected to make a speech trying to beat to the victims of the bombing as well as
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the vibe is and emergency crews. this year's boston marathon will be held on a cool twenty first. at least seventy one people have been killed and one hundred and twenty four others injured after a ball was just indicted as a nigerian bus station during the morning rush hour on monday. this was the first attack on the capital in two years and the deadliest to advocate a booger. cctv has been at edwards has this update the uh mom was so strong it left a hole in the ground more than a meter deep dozens of buses and cars were destroyed. bodies found burned on the ground. it's unclear whether the device was planted in the car buried in the dirt. unique salty again. it was on the way on the wood to want a decent team. the station is about sixteen km from the center of the nine turin capital city of abuja. the country's president goodluck jonathan visited the scene hours after
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the attack. well no group has taken responsibility jonathan says the islamist extremist group. oklahoma on his tumbling. use your webcam european history. the spirit of our own group and its government is to enter it into a mature woman. iran attacks are usually confined to one piece ninety area where the insurgency started but not always. three years ago in the capital city the islamic group claimed responsibility for a bomb attack of the united nations ninety area headquarters remember spilled two cars with explosives then drove them into the lobby killing twenty one and wounding sixty already this year. amnesty international says more than fifteen hundred people have been killed in north east nigeria. making this one of the bloodiest periods since violence began five years ago
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the all out. iran is waging a campaign to force nigeria into becoming an islamic state. it wants tricks or korea or islamic law be enforced. it's a mission that has caused thousands of debt president johnson declared a state of emergency last may and sent thousands of troops into north east nigeria where air bombing campaigns occur almost daily assaults on the ground are common and mother nigerian government has said that violence is now contained to a small area in the northeast part of the country. many say this attack near the capital serves as a wakeup call that more needs to be done the netroots cctv. the un secretary general ban ki moon says he's shocked and saddened by the bomb attack he says those responsible must be brought to justice at the pool so it's only contender for the indiscriminate killings and acts of violent extremism you're watching cctv years will be back with more
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stories up for school break fan . i knew. the us the eye well i picked respect now called the lunar eclipse the special ignore eclipse is happening right now with the moon standing rigid at the moment and as we mentioned that sun known as the blogging mood. suzie
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getting me of my pitches then it simply is a very a good indication of what this eclipse is the singing. and it's inevitable to watch if you are in the north pole south america and eighty countries around the pacific ocean yall to the design view of the isi or the moon is counted bingle as we mentioned from the somebody to talk to a tiny amounts of light are still getting through during this eclipse of this has the effect of making them into a deep call top rated side that's the official web color overs just to have a look we can let you see it for a few more seconds before we got back two of the stories. it slips thousand to around about twenty forty minutes to god and when we put there for now. without compliments from our cctv telescope usually that. so i continue with the news and the us washington post and the british guardian news pipe is having won the pulitzer prize for service for revealing the us government's conduct
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surveillance programs the poet says of the us is most prestigious awards for os and journalism. last june that a newspaper is published stories exposing the u s national security i agency's secret surveillance of phone calls and e mails made by us citizens. the stories was sourced from thousands of documents leaked by pulling in as a contractor. it was not in place by and political awful and the ever growing news story that continues to run today the ongoing covered revealed the extent of u s the violence on foreign leaders including allies of the us. it's led to some diplomatic challenges for the obama administration which has now been forced to impose the restrictions on with the violence continues but has also been accused of damaging us national security by publishing the revelations up to the prize was announced
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us republican congressman peter king called the reports and the prize a disgrace that many have welcomed the award target prices is listed in service. we choose. unusual but has been done before the guardian us in the washington post. i should note that their cited for revealing widespread. secret surveillance by the national security agency. and helping to stir discussion of the balance between security and privacy the report and twenty i'm just leaked documents. the us now and again i guess because we have been talking about the us and the pulitzer prize but they have a number of shootings recently there have been mute on the connecticut twenty first graders and seven adults were killed and
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another shooting of a movie theater near denver colorado claimed a dozen lions and wounded seventy others. it splits idea of a thirty thousand people die every year a white gowns in the united states always places in outfitting those who advocate to gun rights in the us against us a call for more severe restrictions shown kind of has more new in the groin eons ago and can elicit a sense of accomplishment the exams things like. the i do. you know. those bent on killing the second set of eyelets the tree of life. our creek and mr. the challenge in the united states is finding some common ground between gun rights advocates. at
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the end those who want to make it more difficult to purchase a fire. and if anyone expects the numbers to give an inch. think again well if you're a gun owner is you know that it's not about what you need it's about what you want what you can afford. there's no such thing as an average gun owner in the united states. sure there are a lot of people who long rifles for hunting for sport. but there are many professionals doctors lawyers and businessmen who like them for a lack of a better term collect guns. when asked what he need ten to fifteen knots the answer is that i needed the answer is it's my right the second amendment of the u s constitution protects the right to bear arms. dr scott lieberman is a cardiologist. and the owner of a gun store in tyler texas called lock and load . though from the very beginning firearms were an important aspect of the united states
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obtained freedom. so much so that the founding fathers put into. the founding docking it's easy to see how the right to bear arms the american revolutionary war soldiers defeat the british two hundred and thirty years ago . what did founding fathers in the us in tandem at morphing into allowing the sale to civilians of semi automatic assault rifles extended magazines or even a fifty caliber machine gun. all of which can be purchased online the sticks. supporters say absolutely. they don't need to be sitting there in washington and tell us how to live life here in texas. in fact second provision in our bill of rights says that the best posts to be out of now that the toss but it would decide whether i need something or not you know. it is in the aftermath of the killings in newtown
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connecticut twenty first graders and seven. don't stop and that's one of the movie theater in denver colorado explain that doesn't lives and wounded seventy others there have been attempts to strengthen federal laws those attempts have been unsuccessful. a large part of the credit or blame for that depending on your viewpoint they traced to the over powerful lobbying organization the national rifle association. there is no greater way to the right to survive and protect the family with all the rifles shotguns and handguns leave. i get to it the nra claims membership of three to five million. this is fifty million or so american support its work the inner ear is well funded committed. and when they speak. us lawmakers in washington listen. richard feldman has to be a lobbyist for the nra. any guy in
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the hands of any person who intends to miss music is a bad thing. and anytime. in the hands of a person who's using it to lawfully protect themselves and others is a good thing. the vast majority of gun owners in the united states are law abiding and using that as a starting point. the nra has fought to make change and i was very very difficult the difference we need to win some producer matt simon to a gun show in maryland and in about two minutes he was able to legally buy a shotgun all except those who want a phone call to the fbi for a background check. critics like diane randall once that last story that has to be common sense for legislation this blogger has been missing children or people who are randomly. thirty thousand people over thirty thousand people die every year i got into this country than thirty thousand includes murders in two respects. it's
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also a very very sick and there are legions of well spoken thoughtful thought provoking people working in the gun industry such as borat is very corny. i was talking earlier referred to this as a weapon used. you don't like that. well the industry in itself doesn't like the term weapon a weapon is something used to inflict harm and common person. that's the perception that the word west indies. if the two sides can't even agree on what to call it done it gives you the idea of the hurdles they must overcome. there have been multiple high profile mass killings involving guns recently in the us. if the thing that could have a chilling effect on sales consider this. more guns were purchased in the united states last year than ever before. it looks cctv but still taxes. lead on this
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and the seating chart for in the northern state of practice time in india. he remembers the time when sewage contaminated groundwater use it the military that if farmers make another non use of untreated sewage water for growing crops and vegetables mr leach also be keen to help us to do. so before the speech to school just like that it used late in the field. he took his rights to mosquito going to be in the divinity within. she is about double sink. in nineteen ninety the government is not just on this foundation rests on urban infrastructure development project. or are you idp one can enter key on the urban development and housing department. asian development bank gave financial assistance to the endeavor which provided investments in the water supply and sewage sectors
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across six major cities in practice. i started college are you white people and built a state of the arts two weeks treatment. john ford the facility treats includes nearly sixty two point five million the tips of silly stupid. water is released into chunks and farmers use it free of cost to irrigate their fields. some overdue photos of the water treatment plant has really helped farmers to dislodge the scenes in the fields and the treated water use for it he works with to grow vegetables all i can also eagerly. missing captured from the plants. this all seems to generate clean electricity to run the entire facility. the junk room in the security says this will save more than three hundred thousand us dollars a year in electricity costs. it's gone in the eighty pixels and in the making power which is
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used for running the stand it's you which helps generate government revenue between feeding on to make the cd costs. ay ay ay ay. i know. says. this wakes up to share in this week's pet resort. phil weston got a shot dead in trouble i'm a security agencies ride the whip


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